Welcome Message from the Chair

On behalf of CSLD, I want to welcome you to our website and to our society.

CSLD is the oldest Liberal Youth branch in the UK and still one of the largest and most active. Our members are active and diverse and our alumni are some of the most influential and important on today’s political scene. But here at CSLD, we are not career politicians. We’re all young people, living and working in Cambridge, united by the fact that we believe in a Liberal vision for Britain. Since the disastrous May election, youth membership of the Liberal Democrats has tripled and this has been reflected in CSLD’s own membership boost. We lost a fantastic MP, Julian Huppert, but we have not lost any voices in the outcry for a Liberal country. The current Tory government have launched attacks on human rights, on immigrants and refugees, on young people’s welfare and economic security, on affordable housing – in short, every value that the Liberal Democrats fought hard to safeguard in government and are still trying to preserve.

Times have been tough for the Liberals since then but we are more equipped than ever to spread the Liberal message. To quote our newly elected leader, Tim Farron, “this is a Liberal country” and CSLD is proud to play a part in keeping it that way. This year, CSLD will be campaigning to stay in the EU, above all else. We firmly believe that the way forward for Britain is to remain part of a union where nations gather to find democratic and mutually beneficial solutions for our continent and the world at large. We at CSLD are willing to fight for this with zeal. In addition to this, we will be campaigning to educate about Liberalism in general – to ensure that Cambridge and the youth population in general understand that there is an alternative to the authoritarianism of Labour and the Conservatives. We will be debating our political opponents this year to show exactly why Liberalism is so important in today’s modern political scene.

Of course, we do not just campaign at CSLD – it is an important part of our presence in Cambridge but it is not the only part. We love to debate amongst ourselves in our regular Drinking Liberally events, where members are encouraged to stand up and express themselves over a pint. We also throw fantastic socials – at our last garden party, we had attendees from all over the country – and our annual Christmas party is considered a highlight of the Cambridge political canvass. We are hosting drinks for new members, including our Freshers Squash, and our events have grown exponentially from there. Whatever your interest in joining, CSLD would love to have you. We’re incredibly friendly and always looking for more members to contribute, be it to our executive, campaigning or just as drinking companions on our numerous trips to the Maypole pub (another old Cambridge institution.) Don’t be afraid to come forward and say hello – you don’t need any previous political knowledge, you don’t need to be a die-hard politico and you don’t need to a Cambridge student either! Email nf305@cam.ac.uk for more information and look out on Facebook for our upcoming events!

Yours liberally,


Cambridge Action Weekend!

This weekend the Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats are hosting the Liberal Youth Cambridge Action Weekend! This is part of a campaign trail Liberal Youth has been running to help campaign for certain MP & MP hopefuls across the country and this weekend’s is Julian Huppert. We would encourage everyone interested to help campaign this weekend with us, & look forward to seeing you there!



Annual General Meeting & New Executive


Our General Executive meetings was last Sunday, and we have a new elected Executive! You can see who’s now running CSLD on our executive committee page. On behalf of all the new executive, we promise to serve CSLD and Liberal Democrats throughout Cambridge over the next year!

CSLD AGM – Sunday 1 March, 6pm

The society’s Annual General Meeting will be held at 6pm in the Munby Room, King’s College. This is the time when the old Executive will stand down and we’ll be voting on a new one. All welcome – meet outside King’s.

TOMORROW: The Future of LGBT+ Rights in Politics with Lynne Featherstone MP and Guests

Come along to the Knox Shaw Room in Sydney Sussex tomorrow at 19:30 for a Q&A with Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Home Office Minister and former Equalities minister. As the first MP to join the Out4Marriage campaign, she launched the consultation of the UK government on equal marriage and still plays a key part in the future of LGBT+ rights in politics today.

Joining her will be Sarah Brown, well known trans activist and former councillor for Petersfield; Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, undoubtedly the best person to answer questions about LGBT+ issues in the local area and Ed Cearns, county councillor for Cambridgeshire and vocal LGBT+ rights activist, who organised Cambridge’s recent “Be the Rainbow” event. Along with speakers from LGBT+ charity Sexyouality, based here in Cambridge, we’ll be attempting to recreate a human rainbow with a plethora of coloured t-shirts and fabulosity.

This is a great chance to ask your own questions to people at the forefront of campaigning for equality and LGBT+ rights, both in Cambridge and nationally – come along, get informed and get involved.